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Kristen Merritt is a Neo Soul Singer/Writer making her way from little shows at Aromas to big stage gigs across the east coast. Since her first music video release, Weird Weather has made it's first appearance in ForTheLoveOfBands playlist! It is produced by Kristen herself and appears on all streaming services. Being an independent artist, she cultivates relationships through her music and writing. Learn a little bit more about her journey and interesting facts about her and the way she creates music as a musician. 


Our goal is to develop videos that are timelessly interconnected. Creating a singular, cohesive story that continuously unfolds with each view.


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  • Kristen Merritt-Weird Weather (Music Video)
    Nino Media music video for a verging artist Kristen Merritt. Check out her video today!!
  • NASPA Region III Summer Symposium Scholarship 2018
    The video is reflecting on the conference experience, including a description of how well conference attendance goals were achieved, what was learned from volunteer experience, how commitment to the field was bolstered, and how conference educational sessions addressed the achievement of learning outcomes.
  • Tuskegee Tidewater Alumni Club Film Prod. by Nino LLC
    Celebrating 20+ years of the Tidewater TU Alumni Club Scholarship Breakfast.
  • Bethel High School 50th Reunion: Koz Edition
    Slideshow showing of all the people that made a great impact in the schools history from 1972-2002. Coach Koz began teaching and coaching at Bethel High School in 1968.
  • Coach Koz: Bethels First Start
    Coming Soon!!
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