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Graduation Session

Capturing your achievements

College Graduate Portraits

​Achieving an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree is a major accomplishment! A graduation portrait session is the perfect way to remember this milestone. You can schedule your graduation session before you walk across the stage, to announce your achievement. Or, schedule your shoot for immediately after the graduation ceremony to capture the moment with family and friends.

High School Senior Portraits

Your baby is all grown up and approaching high school graduation. Capture their journey into adulthood with a high school senior portrait session. These portraits will be the perfect complement to the high school graduation announcements you will send to friends and family. Choose between an outdoor or indoor portrait session to highlight the personality of the high-school graduate.

What To Expect During Your Graduation Shoot

Every session starts with a consultation. Tell us about your accomplishments and what you want your photos or videos to showcase. Your session will be customized for you. Nino Media will allow your vision to come to life and let your personality shine. We offer different packages for studio and non-studio sessions and different time slots. Feel free to bring multiple outfits and invite your friends and family to share this memorable moment with you.


Memories are timeless and photos help capture those moments best!

We strive to make your shoot as memorable as possible. In fact, with us, no one is checking their phones or watches (not even the teenagers!) because they’re having so much fun!

We believe your memories are worth more than a thousand words and because of that, they should be captured as often as possible.

Whether it’s a particular theme you’re thinking of or if you’re unsure of the best locations to capture your memories, we’ve got you covered.

Have you been thinking about doing a photo shoot, but want to do it in an exciting way?

Let’s chat. We’d love to capture what makes your memories magical.

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Our process is easy and most of all, Fun!

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